MO+F aims to create a place where everyone’s story is welcome

Where every icon is eye opening. We want to know what brought you to this moment in your life.

Melody Orphanage and Friends is the flagship podcast of the Melody Orphanage project. It’s emphasizes encounters and conversations with a wide range of personalities through humor and various styles of interview.

This podcast’s core mission, to welcome every story, is based upon a deeper reading of the concept of a Melody Orphanage, a term originally coined by Pharrel Williams.

The cast consists of a group of excitable young people living in South Bend, and Elkhart Indiana as well as South Central Michigan, aka lower south Canada.


Lizzy Fields
Alexia Jones
Andrew Kirksey
Eric Reamer
Anthony Alex Reese
Ember Smith

From Left to Right: Anthony Alexander Reese, Alexia Jones, Guest Ashley Molyneaux, Eric Reamer, Andrew Kirksey. (Not pictured, Lizzy Fields or Ember Smith)