Producer / Entrepreneur LeTarius Prince aka College Boy joined us to discuss music and culture at this moment in time. LeTarius is a South Bend native who spent time working as a music production artist in Los Angeles and in the Greater Atlanta Georgia area for several well-known artists.

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College Boy on YouTube

Note: We dropped the Otter Audio Transcription service because it doesn’t work well with our current recording setup.

Rather than providing the text output of a computer straining to understand who’s talking, we took notes during the interview as an index. This seemed to work fairly well.

Secondly, the audio in this episode is a bit hit or miss, sorry about that. I did my best to clean it up. Unfortunately, The Yeti Spark we use isn’t performing as expected. I’m working on a solution for future recordings. -ak

First Half
0:11:14 The Resume
0:13:14 Entrepreneurship
0:15:04 The Well Thought Out Movement
0:18:14 Alexia’s Thoughts on Uncertainty
0:19:37 The Process
0:21:43 Influences
0:33:14 Yes Men in the Industry

0:40:00 20ish second Interlude

Second Half
0:41:00 LeTarius’s one Simple Trick (Pastor’s Hate Him?)
0:42:36 Buying Back the Block
0:47:36 Tek on Blowing-up in your Facebook
0:50:01 LeTarius samples Backyardigains and Paw Patrol
0:54:36 South Bend Regional Education Institute
0:58:36 Discussing Nipsy Hustle
1:03:42 Making  a Legacy
1:15:36 Dear LeTarius Jr.
1:30:36 Ember’s Advice to her Son 
1:40:36 Lexi’s Phoneless Trip to a Show
1:46:56 LeTarius Phoneless Story
1:51:06 Strip Club Stories


Show Notes

Some of LeTarius’ Recent Work


Lizzy Fields
Alexia Jones
Andrew Kirksey
Eric Reamer
Anthony Alex Reese
Ember Smith

In this Episode
Alexia Jones
Andrew Kirksey
Tek Reese
Ember Smith

Special Guest
LeTarius Prince


Creaming for Beginners

Melody Orphanage and Friends (v3)
by Andrew Kirksey

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