Tek has a problem with his arm pits near the 45 minute mark.

Kirksey realizes he needs less than he thought to just hit publish on this episode.

Talking about the bible, sorta. Tangents. Somehow settle on Will Smith as avatar for white supremacy throughout the twenty-oughts.


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Show Notes:

Since this was a unplanned conversation based off a phone call talking about the apocalypse (a phone call I think we should revisit with more seriousness and smarter folks in the future), there’s little to add that might directly benefit this episode.

 Kirksey might write an essay about the Will Smith / Robin Williams stuff.

Show Credits
Created by 
Anthony Alexander (Outlaw) (Tek) Reese 

Produced by
Andrew Kirksey

Lizzy FIelds
Alexia Jones
Andrew Kirksey
Eric Reamer
Anthony Alex Reese
Ember Smith

In this Episode
Lizzy Fields 
Andrew Kirksey
Tek Reese

Intro Theme
“Melody Orphanage Intro Theme – Take 1”
Andrew Kirksey //

by Cxdy //

 End Music
“Good Job”
by R.LUM.R //


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