Any undertaking can quickly become an overtaking. Which was a major lesson for me these past few weeks.

Production schedule interruptions:

Weather events, personal responsibilities and work demands savaged our schedule for June. My office literally flooding from the biblical tier rain accumulation helped no one. I’m in a class, we’re doing a garden. I’m writing for myself in the meantime.

As a result, all the demands on my time, both for my 9-to-5 and my personal life became more than a little competitive.

After the tornadoes struck I knew that we couldn’t stop. Not for a potential global ecological catastrophe. Or an office flood. Or because I’m sleepy.

Grandma used to always say: excuses make deuces of your uses.

I take full responsibility. I/We hope you’ll bare with us in the future. We’re getting better at this. I’m always looking for efficiencies to capitalize on. Also, more will be done to delegate tasks to the team now that I have a mature checklist to work from.

Which, dear listener, I hope are interesting to you.

The good news is the downtime let me get some things focused an earlier launch window wouldn’t have:

“Phantom Power”

  • I was able to get a clearer picture of all the moving parts of the podcast distribution process.
  • Got them setup (mostly… still working on Pateron and Paypal and a media kit for anyone looking to advertise with us.
  • Squinting at Facebook’s page system and wondering why businesses even bother, but we’re there anyway, I guess.
  • Improved our system for show notes, time stamps and transcription.
  • Improved the initial production pipeline for audio engineering, and learned a few new tricks with garage band loops.
  • I was able to optimize a WordPress website for this sort of production rather than what I do with them.

There were other organizational issues at hand but their resolved.

In any case, congratulations are in order. Today marks the launch of the flag-ship Melody Orphanage Podcast, Melody Orphanage and Friends!

You can find us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Look forward to everything that is ahead.

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