Melody Orphanage is…

Making places where everyone’s story is welcome.
Making places where every icon is revealing.

We want to know what brought you to this moment.

Melody Orphanage is a collaborative project of connection whose members are spread generously around the Michiana area. We compose music, stories, and podcasts and are concerned with communities, communication, place and personhood.

What is a melody orphanage?

Most artists know what it is to ‘kill your darlings’.

If you’re not familiar with that term and are now clutching your pearls fear not, no one literally dies. If they did, Grandma would be sharing stories on Facebook about it more often. Political pundits would have even more to say about the National Endowment of the Arts. We would champion math driven careers out of a moral imperative rather than a financial one.

To kill your darlings is an idiom describing a common, often extremely helpful function within creative workflows.

While provocatively phrased the violence it implies is in fact a very sympathetic, very pragmatic acknowledgement of how deeply it can wound us when we are forced to abandon a project.

Sometimes we must simply let go.

Regardless of however many hours, days, months or years of work, a moment of decision eventually arrives. We can either continue pouring more time and energy into whatever we’re making, or we can cut our losses, start again and maybe get it right next time. We must be willing to kill our darlings, or we risk losing ourselves (and our significant others… or apartments…) to the commitment our work sometimes demands.

The musician, Pharrell Williams, wasn’t satisfied with this arrangement.

In an old interview he once described an alternative: a melody orphanage. For Williams, a ‘melody orphanage’ is a catalog of melodies he hadn’t found a song for… yet.

These melodies might not fit into his current project’s goals—but they might— someday. The thought that a mistimed or misplaced artistic project might one day find a home is beautiful. This idea carries a variety of Trojan implications and insights.

Tek Reese would name a solo music project after this concept. Eventually, Melody Orphanage would outgrow his original vision.

In 2019, Melody Orphanage expanded it’s scope and membership. In June we launched our first podcast (Melody Orphanage and Friends!) and plan on releasing a second in the months ahead.

Melody Orphanage and Friends!

Melody Orphanage and Friends! (MO+F) champions bringing you the places we fit together-platonically—Ryan. (If you’re not Ryan, please disregard.)

Growing to six members, MO+F is a project to see where we connect. MO+F looks to discover the places where have we orphaned ourselves. It asks where do these things belong? It wants to know how we are connected, how we aren’t and how to tell the difference is where MO+F lives.

Our mission is to make places where everyone’s story is welcome, where ever icon is eye opening. We want to know what brought you to this moment. It’s tone is conversational, informal, and sometimes irreverant.

It’s categorized as a Comedy, Arts and Culture, News and Politics, podcast.